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Not only is Morgan extremely helpful and knowledgable, but she takes immaculate care of her cats. When I came to pick up Mortimer, all the cats were friendly and happy. Mortimer is extremely hardy and healthy, he is a wonderful little brother to my other cat, and he brings me endless joy. He is sweet and playful and very snuggly. His coat pattern is so gorgeous, and his eyes are stunning. I am absolutely in love with the breed now and would do it again in a heartbeat if I could. If you have the resources to bring a  cat into your home, I recommend it, and I HIGHLY recommend this cattery.

Bradley Blake

We can’t say enough positive things about Merry Ragdol Kitten Home. We adopted our kitten a few weeks ago and he is amazing! The sweetest, cuddliest, most beautiful ragdoll I have ever seen. This family are the nicest, most sincere people. Morgan is the best and i am so happy I have a beautiful flame point Himalayan boy to share my home with. He is such a sweet kitten, very playful, cuddly and curious full of personality and loving. Throughout the process Morgan was always in touch and provided updates and recommendations she is top notch and it shows she really cares about all her kitties.

Robert Hurley

This beautiful baby girl , Panini, has the sweetest most wonderful personality! She is snuggly and playful! She runs to me every time I walk in the room! I recently lost a Persian that I had for 18years this summer and I was heartbroken. Living without a cat as a comfort for six months I realized how much my cat meant to me. Morgan has given me this beautiful baby who has filled the hole that I have had and oddly enough she has many personality qualities that are similar to my elderly person that passed away. I recommend this breeder……………………..…quantity sweet kittens/cats!

Janis Wahl

Over the course of our interaction with Morgan, we found her to be caring and responsive to our questions during the entire process. She offered to send us photos and video-clip updates every couple of weeks during the time she got our kitten weaned off of his mother’s milk and trained for litter-box, proper behavior, etc. We were delighted to receive the kitten with such a great temperament which would be possible only with the care that Morgan provides to their cats. For example, we came to know that she was up until 3:30AM on the day we picked up our gorgeous boy! Now that is dedication. Me and my family would wholeheartedly recommend Morgan and her Family.

Ashley Stallworth

Don’t think twice! Even with a few bumps along our road, we had nothing but a positive and affirming relationship with bright. She truly loves these animals and cares about every single one. This was our first breeding experience and we have no regrets. We got a lovely, Well socialized and very health kitty who has brought so much joy to our lives. When you purchase one of Bright, you’re also gaining an invaluable resource and access to the wealth of knowledge she has. She’s helped and mentored us through tons of questions that have come up. We’re Racdoll owners for life now. Highly recommend Morgan for anyone who loves Ragdolls as they make amazing great companions will always keep you entertained and on your toes


Stephen J. Gonzalez

We wanted to ensure that we got our kittens from a reputable breeder who cared about the wellbeing of their animals. Morgan was an outstanding breeder and an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish. It was evident from the very beginning, both from her interest in us as potential kitten parents and from the regular updates that she provided, that her first priority is the wellbeing of not only the kittens she breeds, but also their parents. In addition to having excellent standards in relation to the cats’ wellbeing, Morgan was extremely good at keeping us updated with news throughout, and also giving us key information in the weeks leading up to the kittens coming home. She was always on hand to answer even our silliest questions very quickly and was an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout. Could not recommend more.